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When set to NO there may be no upgrade time reduction for older fashions.
changed default values of upgrade_time_factor and upgrade_cost_factor from 0.0 to 1.0.
fastened CTD malicious program on remove_division command if this division is within the construct queue.
fastened CTD computer virus on remove_division command if this division is currently selected by way of the player.
fixed a bug with the provision of some missions (like Amphibious assault) against rebels when the country isn’t at warfare with any individual.
fixed a malicious program with the non-compulsory (misc.txt, ai area) triumph over province rules (AI masters will also be set to get all provinces conquered by means of AI puppets) fighting AI puppets from occupying provinces when the AI grasp isn’t at battle with the hack 3rd nation.
fixed an AI trojan horse with transport fleets wandering out and in of port at random.
fastened CTD fifa 17 crack on strenght command wrongly applied to brigades in (re)deployment pool
fixed CTD on delete by means pokemon go cheats android ios Comixology clash royale hacks    or  Pokemon GO cheats generator

of experience command of division currently into the redeployment pool of yet another country
brought new alternative to movements: [all = yes/no (default)]. All ships by means of default don’t upgrade
it is feasible to specify upgrade to a mannequin of the equal class also. When such event is caused by command it could be achieved for all international locations in TAG = checklist or to all international locations on the planet when no TAG = list is distinct.
caused by means of a command event with TAG = checklist will not be carried out for the existing sountry if it is now not into the TAG list (and no [all = yes] alternative set).
fastened a worm with occasional deleteted land devices in MP cooperative games all the way through unit cut up from the 2nd country (hourly, seen on greater game speeds).
fixed a worm with invasion AI ordering and canceling amphibious attacks on the same online game hour.
fastened display flickering on multiplayer game delivery. as an example, INT-6 may be set as non-upgradeable although there’s an INT-7 model via including interceptor = -2
mounted a malicious program with improve time and cost of brigades (existing mannequin modifiers had been used instead of the modifiers for the next model).
“don’t improve” button for naval contraptions set to be accessible simplest if there is at the least one brigaded ship in the fleet or as a minimum one ship that may also be upgraded.
up to date Statistic web page to display upgrade growth on Stat. To do that set its upgrade model to -2. When it is decided to yes (default value) upgrade time for models 2 or greater levels out of date may be reduced (as in vanilla). pages for naval devices too.
brought new not obligatory division/brigades fashions parameter:   and  


and     and    and      and   _time_boost = yes/no. as an example, INT-four can also be set to improve to INT-7 without delay and pass the two rocket interceptor models in interceptor.txt, quite simply via including interceptor = 7
it’s additionally feasible to forbid a specific mannequin to be upgraded at all.